SCOT WILSON - The Style Mantra

Scot Wilson maintains it premium position not only in silk shirting but also in linen shirting as well, thereby giving many an option as to the fabric one chooses to wear. Linen is cloth woven from yarn from flax fibre. Although laborious to manufacture, garments made from it are prized for its exceptional coolness and freshness in hot weather. Linen textiles have an ancient lineage. Their history goes back to many thousands of years. Egyptian mummies were wrapped in linen as a symbol of light and purity and as a display of wealth. Linen has a long staple (individual fibre length) relative to cotton and other natural fibres. Linen is most eco friendly. It is uv protected too. By adopting environment friendly behaviour the user can reduce the environmental impacts of the shirt. The linen from SCOT WILSON comprises of the most dignified Belgium yarns and Irish yarns. The combination of them with classic as well as modern style of sewing with the great Indian suture art gives you the ultimate comfort, freedom and dignity. The stronger thread of linen gives you the better feel to a cotton casual or formal wear. SCOTWILSON is for the stylish man and it comes with economy, richness and elegance. The stylish shirts, spinned, weaved, organic dyed using the purest silk and the best quality linen becomes the ultimate style mantra for the man who gives a lot for his looks. SCOT WILSON helps you to display the best of you.